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Streamline your fabrication business with eSteel + TimeDock

Centralise your project documentation whether in the office, the workshop or on site.

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eSteel + TimeDock = Productive fabrication

Document cloud

Organise project documentation

Document and share project information company-wide, from a central repository.

Balance time and money

Compare actual time to budgeted

Collate project time from TimeDock and compare to that budgeted.


Monitor project performance

Track performance of your fabrication projects and give staff feedback.

What is TimeDock?

TimeDock is a New Zealand based cloud time clock platform with time clock hardware and mobile time tracking apps.

  • Get a real-time view of your project hours.

  • On-site time clock hardware.

  • Off-site time card app.

Request more information or +64 9 444 1384 .

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What is eSteel?

eSteel is a cloud based project management system for fabrication businesses, built for New Zealand businesses.

  • Share project information company-wide from any location and device.

  • Access a central record of all project documentation, wherever you are.

  • Keep track of quotes, projects, documents, variations, labour.

  • Monitor project performance and uncover key performance insights.

Find out more about eSteel.

How TimeDock connects with eSteel

TimeDock exports as an eSteel time and attendance file, for a seamless experience integrating your engineering project timesheets.

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Learn more about TimeDock's storage and processing of personal data.

Yes, this is real feedback...

Marine & Industrial Engineering

Marine & Industrial Engineering

It works, it does what it promises and it's relatively cheap.. -John, Managing Director.
Red Steel

Red Steel

TimeDock provides profesional documents which can easily be drilled down into to show it's correct. -Bob, Managing Director.


The benefits are better records when clocking a job, especially when some jobs clock 60,000 hours and take 3 years. -Scott, Director.

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