Key Fobs

NFC Key Fobs for clocking in at your TimeDock time clocks and mobile devices.

Ntag 213 NFC Key Fobs for TimeDock time clocks Works with most Android devices.
* iOS support coming soon

Most timesheet apps are time-consuming for anything more than a few employees, and prone to error by allowing users to enter their times later.

Using the same punch-in punch-out approach tried and tested since the industrial revolution, your supervisors' phones become portable mobile time clocks you can use anywhere.

For on-premise or in-vehicle time clocks we've developed a robust wall-mounted time clock that's easy to use, connects to your TimeDock via WiFi or 3G, and takes seconds to install. Staff can tap their NFC tag to clock in at one time clock and then out another, or even between mobile and mounted.

Ask us about our NFC time tracking options, or, if your phone doesn't support NFC, take a look at our QR Code swipe cards option instead.

Here are a few points to consider when purchasing NFC Key Fobs for use with TimeDock:

Feature / option Details
Works with TimeTablet WiFi Time Clocks
Works with Mobile Time Clock
for Android & iPhone
Most Android devices.
iPhone coming soon.
Reprogrammable No
Cost $1 each + shipping

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NFC Key Fobs offer a robust, fast and scalable clocking in experience with online time entries in realtime

Works with our Mobile Time Clock apps and Wall-mounted time clocks.

Time Clocks

TimeDock Cloud Time Clock TimeDock Cloud Time Clock - Blue background
7:00 Last synced 1 minute ago Workshop Device 01 version 2.0.6
IN Allan Smith
OUT Allan Smith
NFC Key Fob


iPhone X TimeDock app background for iPhone X
IN Allan Smith
OUT Allan Smith
TimeDock employee ID card badge


Android TimeDock Fire Drill app background for Android
t 01:31s 14 of 42
TimeDock employee ID card badge

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Here's what they cost...


each, plus shipping.

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