Clock In With Precision

Track staff timesheets reliably, accurately and immediately.

TimeDock Machines work just like your old Clock In and Clock Out Machines, streaming time punches over WiFi for instant timesheets and job hours when staff clock in with swipe cards or key fobs.

TimeDock Cloud Time Clock TimeDock Cloud Time Clock - Blue background
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IN Allan Smith
OUT Allan Smith
NFC Key Fob
* Includes wall mount, regional power adapter and key fobs or swipe cards

How many more pay cycles will you manually distribute and gather timesheets, calculate hours and enter them into payroll?

* Hint: None if you choose our simple yet sophisticated cloud time clock solution!

If you could replace your manual-entry timesheets or punch-card time clocks with a cutting-edge online time clock machine in under 5 minutes, would you?

Our integrated clock in clock out machine, TimeDock, streamlines your time tracking process and increases payroll accuracy.

With employees clocking in by tagging their key fob or swipe card at one or more locations throughout your business, you'll have immediate access to timesheets and job hours. Clocking in is as simple as any time card machine, yet as timely and accurate as any cloud-based platform.

What about crucial business insights, such as project hours and work code labour attribution? Or who's on-site, for health and safety compliance? Absolutely.

Industry-leading organisations use TimeDock to:

Proudly based in New Zealand, serving customers wordwide, we'll have you up and running within 3 - 10 working days with less than 5 minutes of your time. Our TimeDock machines are plug and play and if you're based here in New Zealand, we can even have you up and running by the end of the week!

Retire your old antiquated clock card machines and let's start with some friendly dialogue about how our time clock solution can transform your business today.

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Frequently asked, about TimeDock

Do we install time clocks ourselves?

Yes! Installation is super easy. We’ll pair the device/s with your TimeDock dashboard before sending them out by courier. When they arrive, all you have to do is screw a simple security bracket to the wall, plug into power, and connect to a WIfi access point (or insert a SIM card with a data plan).

There are no I.T. installation costs or network infrastructure requirements, besides a basic Wifi connection.

Can timesheets be imported into Payroll?

Absolutely. From TimeDock you can download your latest timesheets and import them into many payroll platforms. Click here for a list of applications that support TimeDock.

How many TimeDock devices can we have?

As many as you like. You can have multiple TimeDock time clocks synchronising with your TimeDock web platform, in real-time.

Do you have a mobile time clock app?

Yes! Configured mobile devices can scan the same smart cards as our machines can, by using our native apps for Android and iOS.

Can TimeDock handle lots of employees?

Our platform can handle hundreds to thousands of employees, synchronised across multiple devices and locations. We have a growing number of customers with hundreds of employees, and some in the thousands.

Would this suit heavy/industrial use?

Absolutely. Our time clocks are IP64 (dust proof and splash proof) and are based on commercial-grade hardware designed for industrial use. They typically last longer 5+ years under normal conditions, and will continue to work plugged in long after the battery eventually gives up the ghost.

How much does it cost?

The time clock machine costs around the price of a mid-range phone, with zero installation cost and a lifespan of 5+ years. You'll also need a registered TimeDock account, starting at the cost of a cup of coffee per employee per month.

Scroll down for more information.

How do we issue badges to new employees?

Each device comes with 30 swipe cards or key fobs that you can program to specific employees, loaded from your TimeDock web dashboard.

Additional cards/fobs can be purchased in multiples of 10, or as individually pre-programmed and pre-printed cards from the web dashboard.

What kind of support do you offer?

Phone help/support during NZ business hours (9am – 5pm, Mon to Fri).
Email support
Live chat

How do we access timesheets and information?

Access your time entries and job hours in realtime via our secure time hub dashboard. Time entries synchronises between all of your devices and your timesheet dashboard in real-time. Staff can clock into one device and out another at any time.

Can we track job hours?

Yes, you can track job timesheets and work codes very easily. Talk to us about your specific time and attendance requirement for more information.

How quickly can we be up and running?

Within 3 - 5 working days within New Zealand, and within 1 - 2 weeks internationally.

Online timesheets, in realtime.

TimeDock timesheet time cloud hub dashboard

TimeDock's WiFi and 3G Time Clock, TimeTablet, combines the simplicity and functionality of a proximity card timeclock machine with the instant reporting and high-efficiency of cloud time and attendance.

Complete the solution with our QR Code and NFC badge mobile time clock app for scanning employee badges out in the field.

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or phone +64 9 444 1384
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Install it yourself in under 5 minutes, with plug-and-play.

TimeTablet back of device TimeTablet back of device

Designed to be plug-and-play, TimeTablet screws to the wall and then slots on to a pivot wall-mount with security screws to lock it in place. All tools required and regional power adapter are included. Then simply connect it to WiFi or insert a SIM card with an iOT data plan and start clocking! We'll also pre-pair them with your TimeDock dashboard and include your first cards or key fobs pre-programmed, ready for your staff to use immediately.

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or phone +64 9 444 1384
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Features and pricing

Here are a few features you can expect from your new TimeDock time clock solution...

Feature / option Details
Monthly Subscription
Cloud Timesheets subscription (required)
From $60 per month.
* Includes first 10 employees. More options available.
Plug and play NFC badge time clocks
$950 each
Plug and play as many as you like
Mobile Time Clock
QR Code & NFC badge mobile time clock app
With TimeDock subscription
FireDrill Beta
Emergency roll call for staff clocked in
With TimeDock subscription
QR Data Forms Alpha
Custom QR Code forms for capturing data
per 2500 data points, per month
Installation Plug and play / self service
Cloud based
Open term
Project codes
Work/Activity codes
Share timesheets
Print your own badges
Plastic cards $1 each
NFC Key fobs $1 each
Integrations 25+ applications
Data export CSV / Excel / PDF
Support Phone, Email, Chat

Here's what it'd take to to become best-in-class for time keeping, in your industry...


per month
one-off hardware & setup, ex. shipping & taxes
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or phone +64 9 444 1384
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Customer feedback

Mr. Hao

Mr. Hao

Easy to use, well designed system. Great support from the team, overall very happy with our decision to go with timedock. -Julian, Owner.
Stoked Stainless

Stoked Stainless

This software allowed us to go digital with our timesheets. It saves having to fill in paper sheets, then enter that data weekly. Timedock takes care of that. Better still, it syncs into our payroll software. -Daniel, Director.
Water Bar Wanaka

Water Bar Wanaka

Easy to use and great support. We like how quick and easy it is to download timesheets to our payroll software, saving us both time and money. -Laura, General Manager.
Erlon Limited

Erlon Limited

I can see straight away what has been done. It saves us definately time and money. -Martina, Horticultural Division Manager.

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