WiFi Job Clock for Workshops

Measure productivity and time on the job with a cloud based time clock system.

Running a workshop means a lot is going on at all times. Staff are coming and going, the pace of the environment is dynamic, and many different aspects of the business work cohesively under one roof.

As a workshop business owner, you have to have eyes everywhere. You don't have time to escape the floor and spend time in the office. Tracking job hours for your staff is a top-of-mind priority for you, but keeping on top of things can be a challenge.

At TimeDock, we understand that there is only one of you! Our workshop business owners only spend a small percentage of their time in the office, usually when it's essential, leaving most of their time concentrating on the workshop floor, ensuring all operations run smoothly.

Without a seamless system in place, timekeeping falls by the wayside until the end of the pay period. Processing timesheets often lead to questions and issues around incomplete or inaccurate time tracking and recording and can result in one big headache for you as the workshop business owner if not kept in check.

TimeDock originated out of a need to help clients like you avoid these timekeeping hurdles and make it easier for you to be more hands-on in the workshop so that you can focus more on the "doing" and less on the paperwork.

With a TimeDock wall-mounted time clock system, your workers can clock in or out of jobs and cost centres easily, at any time. These devices can be mounted anywhere on the workshop floor. You can even install multiple units, so there is no cueing for one console. They all synchronise and work together, sending time entries through to your timesheet dashboard in realtime.

Then, at the end of your pay run, download the hours from your dashboard into your payroll software. TimeDock supports over twenty different software integrations, so you don't have to waste time manually entering timesheets into a pay run.

TimeDock is the easiest plug-and-play time clock solution, built for workshops, fabricators, production floors and other industrial environments.

So how does it work?

Your workers are each assigned an ID badge or key fob upon setup of TimeDock's system. All they need to do is tap their badge to the mounted time clock, or approved manager phones, to clock in. They can optionally choose from a list of job codes that you can manage from your TimeDock web dashboard, and then they're ready to commence work.

Here's what Bob Hawley, Managing Director of RedSteel with 30+ employees, says about TimeDock:

Our old timesheet and timecard, which was how we did our job costing, was two systems. But now we have one system with TimeDock which determines how staff get paid.

We have two parts to the business: manufacturing, and guys out on construction sites. We combined both timekeeping systems on one TimeTablet system. Staff also use the mobile phone app on site.

Bob said TimeDock's live information and accuracy are TimeDock's best attributes.

Best of all, our friendly support staff are available any time to help, and we can have you up and running within 3-4 business days anywhere within New Zealand or 6 - 10 working days worldwide.

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