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Capture accurate timesheets for payroll with Humanforce + TimeDock

Real-time employee hours for importing into Humanforce Payroll, with TimeDock time clocks and time tracking apps for Android and iOS.

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Humanforce + TimeDock = Realtime timesheets for payroll

Increase accuracy

Increase accuracy by a notable margin

Reduce margin of error on your timesheets and job hours by 2% to 7%.


Process your payroll faster

Import your timesheets into Humanforce Payroll using their timesheet file format.

Online presence

Access your time entries from anywhere

Synchronise your time and attendance with Cloud Time Clocks and mobile apps.

About TimeDock

TimeDock is a plug-and-play cloud time clock platform owned and developed in New Zealand

  • QR Code and NFC apps for clocking employees into work out in the field.

  • Unique hardware option for employee self-service clocking.

  • Analyse your organisation's productivity and hours worked.

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About Humanforce Payroll

Humanforce is an end-to-end payroll solution that ensures accurate, timely and automated calculations. So you can reduce manual rework, eliminate errors and achieve compliance confidence.

  • Access enterprise-level payroll capabilities like advanced and retrospective pay, awards and classification with date-driven pay rates and pay elements, annualised salaries, global data, and more.

  • Lock down payroll security with smart and secure payroll features that safeguard your employees, your processes, and your organisation.

  • Establish automations to manage repetitive tasks like notifications and authorisation requests.

  • Stay up to date with latest legislative changes and requirements.

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How TimeDock works with Humanforce Payroll

TimeDock exports as a CSV time and attendance file, for a seamless experience when importing your timesheets into Humanforce Payroll.

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Learn more about how TimeDock stores and processes employee data.

Real feedback from TimeDock users...

RNP Homes

RNP Homes

Timedock has been awesome from the start and only gets better by the week.. :) -Karl G., Operations Manager.
Chef's Choice

Chef's Choice

Everything is straightforward. Setting up a new employee is easy, removing an old employee easy, and reviewing a week’s timesheet is easy. -Dean Fitness, Managing Director.
NK Windows

NK Windows Solutions

It is quite exciting learning about this new system! -Heather, Accounts & Office Administrator.

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Accurate payroll with TimeDock + Humanforce

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