Realtime timesheets for bookkeepers' clients

No more late nights reconciling timesheets or keying them in manually for your bookkeeping clients.

There's nothing more important than focusing on what's important and being on the land. We know it's more than a full-time job!

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Looking after financial operations is a complex role, involving many different stakeholders within your client's business. When it comes to timesheets and reporting, we at TimeDock fully understand the need for tools that help track and manage timekeeping accurately and effectively.

Spending your late nights reconciling timesheets or keying them in for clients isn't fun for anyone. To alleviate this, or rather eliminate it, we invented badge-based mobile time tracking (back in early 2012!) for the staff of your client's business.

Each employee gets a unique identification card with a personalised QR code (or NFC tag) which they can use to clock in and out of job sites, in realtime.

For you, as a bookkeeper, this means that you can easily track employees' hours and productivity: when they clocked in or out, on what job, doing which kind of activity or cost centre, in realtime.

At TimeDock, we're a business too. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers' needs, inside and out. We've been in the market since 2012 and during this time we've spoken to many financial controllers about their plight when it comes to timesheets and payroll.

One of the persistent challenges bookkeepers tell us about frequently is the last-minute approach to submitting timesheets and the inaccuracy of the information recorded by employees. Those in charge of payroll and reporting say that it's the number one headache for them.

Here's what Laura, the General Manager of Water Bar in Wanaka, said about TimeDock:

Easy to use and great support. We like how quick and easy it is to download timesheets to our payroll software, saving us both time and money.

Other products in the market often fall short with their realtime accuracy of timekeeping, but at TimeDock reliability, efficiency and accuracy are built-in. For example, TimeDock eliminates the hassle for staff and business owners from forgetting their timesheets by utilising RFID scanning technology, on your clients' smartphones, which avoids them needing to carry additional paperwork or collateral. Not only do you as the financial controller, receive accurate timesheets, but you also encourage your client and their staff to develop a habit of accurately recording their time, daily.

Here's what Jordan, from Accounts and Administration of UML Direct, says about TimeDock:

It's perfect! Dave & especially payroll enjoy it. Super simple for the Team. Most of all they are super happy about no paperwork anymore.

TimeDock not only provides time tracking technology for staff of your client's business but a fully functional timesheet hub where you can review hours worked, print reports, get a realtime snapshot of the day, week or month to see how employees are accruing their time on the job.

Our timesheet solution eliminates the option for workers and supervisors to make late submissions prone to error and vague recollection. TimeDock saves clients as much as $8,320 for every ten workers, every year, by reducing payroll by 2%, on average, compared with manual time entry alternatives (figures based on $20 per hour).

Our products can be used stand-alone, as a price package that we can tailor to you. If you are currently using other software, integrate with dozens of platforms and services, with ease.

Process your clients' timesheets and payroll faster and easier than ever before so that you can take on more customers and earn more for your own business. Talk to us today about how we can help you make time and attendance for your customers hassle-free.

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TimeDock transforms time tracking into an intuitive and scalable asset, with realtime timesheets and hours worked that you can curate and review on a daily basis instead of at the end of the week.

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