Clock in your landscaping crew

Use employee QR Codes to clock them in when they start work, for instant timesheets online.

At the end of an hour's hard graft in the soil, that dirt is going to find its way on hands and clothes, on the seats of the work truck, in pockets and all over that little piece of paper being used to write down hours worked on the job.

The thing about dirt is that it doesn't always stay on the ground.

Add some coffee stains, a few rips and tears and figures written with a pen that's been sitting in the sun for 6 months, and you might as well roll some dice and write in those numbers when you're paying your crew.

Forget all that.

Just give one trusted employee a phone with TimeDock's Time Clock app installed instead.

They scan each worker's ID card or NFC badge as they arrive on site to clock them in, and scan it again when it's time for them to clock-out.

That information goes into a highly secure internet server (far, far from any dirt) and near-instantly appears in the TimeDock web application that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

But the employees still have to write down where they work and when, right?


Have a team of five landscapers who have to hit 10 locations in a day? No stress!

With a GPS-capable device scanning workers in and out, the location of each person will be automatically recorded alongside the time as they scan.

This means you can bill each customer accurately and have the proof of time spent at each site available at your fingertips—no more uncertainty when it comes to getting your invoices paid.

We developed TimeDock for simplicity; no matter if you have the most tech-savvy or technophobic people in your team, it will take no time at all to figure out how the system works. It's no more difficult than waving a contactless credit card past a machine at the lunch bar.

Multiple projects on the same site? TimeDock's got it covered.

If you have two workers taking care of planting and weeding, one laying bricks and another removing waste, and you want to keep track of hours on each separately, TimeDock can make it happen.

Create projects right inside the software then select what each person is working on as they clock-in to keep track of everything that is happening, as generally or as granularly as you want.

Not only does the web-based timesheet platform tell you how many hours each employee has worked, what they've been working on, and where they've been working, it also automatically ascribes a dollar value, keeping track of how much a project is costing in labour as you go.

No more runovers that could end up costing money and even your reputation.

No more last-minute calls to that one person who always forgets to hand their timesheet in.

No more lost time deciphering hieroglyphs that were written in the wrong column, again.

No more guesswork when somehow everyone forgets to check the time when they arrive at the new site.

With a smart, intuitive, accessible and reliable timekeeping system you can turn one of your biggest frustrations into one of the simplest parts of your job.

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