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Analyse your timesheet data, with Customisable CSV Exports

Export your TimeDock data with custom CSV export templates, designed for valuable insight and flexible integration with third party software.

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Custom CSV Export = Data freedom

Data Formatting

Flexible formatting

Format your data with a range of methods to create your desired output.

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Analyse and integrate

View your data in Excel for further analysis or import into a third party app.


Re-usable templates

Create unlimited templates for quick re-usable data exports.

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  • Choose Hardware and App-based options.

  • Analyse productivity and job hours.

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About Custom CSV Export

Drag and drop fields and format data to build your own custom export template.

  • Choose the fields and in what order you want to include in your CSV export file.

  • Format the data output by individual transactions, paired, or daily totals.

  • Filter the data by date range, department, and apply automatic break deductions.

  • Save your export designs as templates for quick repeatable exports.

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