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Transcend manual-entry timesheets with a simple to use, elegant and beautiful time clock system that integrates seamlessly with Xero Payroll.

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Simplify Your Time Tracking with Xero Integration

Are you tired of manually entering timesheets into Xero? Or are your staff forgetful at typing their hours into Xero Me? Or worse, they do it at the last minute before payday?

TimeDock offers a seamless timesheet integration with Xero, allowing your staff to clock in at any time clock machine or our team leader QR Code time tracking app. Review time punches instantly, and sync your timesheets through into Xero Payroll. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual timesheets and streamline your business with TimeDock for Xero.

How can TimeDock simplify your time tracking process?

TimeDock offers a seamless integration with Xero, allowing you to easily track employee timesheets and sync them with your payroll. This means no more manual timesheets or double data entry. With TimeDock, you can track employee hours in real-time, anywhere and any time. Plus, with the Xero integration, you can ensure accurate and timely payroll processing, saving you time and money. Simplify your time tracking process today with TimeDock for Xero.

How to set up TimeDock for Xero integration.

Setting up TimeDock for Xero integration is quick and easy. First, ensure that you have a TimeDock account and a Xero account. Then, navigate to the Export tab in TimeDock and select Xero. Follow the prompts to connect your accounts and configure your settings. Once set up, you can seamlessly export your employee timesheets directly into Xero. With TimeDock for Xero integration, you can simplify your time tracking process and streamline your business operations.

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Xero + TimeDock = Faster payroll processing

Increase accuracy

Increase accuracy by a notable margin

Reduce margin of error on your timesheets and job hours by 2% to 7%.


Save time processing your pay run

Send your timesheets directly to Xero Payroll with a single click of the button.

Online presence

Access your time entries from anywhere

Synchronise your time and attendance with Cloud Time Clocks and mobile apps.

We're a finalist of the Xero app awards 2022!

About TimeDock

TimeDock is a plug-and-play cloud time clock system with time-clock hardware and mobile time tracking apps for a real-time time and attendance experience.

  • Get a real-time view of your timesheets.

  • Choose Hardware and App-based options.

  • Analyse productivity and job hours.

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Xero is world-leading online accounting software built for small business.

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How TimeDock connects with Xero

TimeDock syncronises with Xero Payroll, for a seamless experience when importing your timesheets into a Xero pay run.

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Recent feedback from customers...

Superior Boats

Superior Boats

I really like the system, it looks simple, it’s clear, simple to use and simple to operate. -Jacquie, Director.
Mr. Hao

Mr. Hao

Easy to use, well designed system. Great support from the team, overall very happy with our decision to go with timedock. -Julian, Owner.
Erlon Limited

Erlon Limited

I can see straight away what has been done. It saves us definately time and money. -Martina, Horticultural Division Manager.

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Process payroll fast with TimeDock + Xero

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