WiFi Time Clock system for Manufacturing

Spend less time on paper and more time on operations.

Keeping a factory running isn't a simple task. Health and safety, machine maintenance, quality assurance, reporting and all those other little things will keep you on your toes every day – but there's no reason that keeping track of employees should be on that list.

If you're still running on pen and paper, no matter how well your system is working, you are definitely losing money through inaccuracy. Anything from 2% to a whopping 7% of time entries are incorrect, usually in the employee's favour.

And let's not mention the time spent in tiresome administration as all those numbers eventually have to be reported and stored.

You don't need some expensive solution that will cost you thousands from day one, and then cost again every time you have to call someone to deal with a fault.

What you need is a simple, cloud-based, reliable solution that will not only take over tracking who works and for how long, but brings so much more value to the table.

A small, wall-mounted tablet and employee NFC badges are all you need to revolutionise the way your company runs.

With just WiFi and power, the TimeDock Time Clock tracks employees' hours by in realtime, compiling down to a comprehensive timesheet of with hours worked against different jobs and cost centres within your live timesheet dashboard.

Whatever the location, the small and unobtrusive Time Clock, the size of a 7 inch tablet, will fit without a problem and can be installed in less than an hour.

It's also robust: IP64 rated dust and splash-proof and can handle higher than average operating temperatures.

Computers may not be great at everything, but the one thing that they do best is absolute accuracy.

You'll know down to the minute how much each person has worked. As long as you have internet access, you can check in to see who is or isn't working at any time.

Someone calls in sick? In just a few taps on your phone or laptop, you can see how much each person has worked in the week so far, meaning no risk of accidentally calling in someone who will end up costing you in overtime.

If one month is packed with orders, and the next is a quiet one, TimeDock scales with your needs so that you only pay for what you use. Or alternatively, we can tailor a fixed-price plan based on your average utilisation.

TimeDock also integrates with more than 20 payroll providers, freeing up time from the accounts staff from entering data every pay cycle, yet another point where human error can occur. Instead, download your latest timesheet file and import it straight in. Or in some cases, you can send them directly into your payroll application with a single click.

The world of manufacturing is changing almost too fast to keep up but with TimeDock, you can feel confident that your business operations are cutting-edge, not just your core trade.

Life at the head of a factory is already complicated enough – there's no reason to make it more so by relying on old ways of timekeeping. Simplicity, accuracy and reliability – what more could you ask for?

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